Christmas magic established 2015

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who grew up in a house without Birthdays, Easter, Halloween or even Christmas!
Let’s not get things wrong here, She was a happy little girl and most of the time she didn’t miss the celebrations because she still got presents and more importantly she still got chocolates.

It was only as she grew up and had a daughter of her own that she was introduced to the world of Christmas movies and wow 😍 she was in love…

Unfortunately every year things never seemed to have the magic she longed for… people were always ‘Scrooge’ about the whole thing, a family member always fell out with someone else, some years she settled for a simple roast dinner, no extras, a few times homeless, One year she was even mugged whilst out Christmas shopping!

Fast forward to 2015, that girl was me & I had found the magic!

I had learnt how to create magic, by this time i had a 13 year old, 6 year old & 5 year old, i was pregnant with number 4 and here is how i did it…

  • November 1st – Christmas decorations & Tree. Change the home furnishings to the Red & Gold, change the bedding to brushed cotton and get out the Throws, winter was coming!
  • November 8th – we wrote letters to Santa!
  • November 15th – The Christmas Fairy’s letter and a to do list arrived. ( How to decorate store bought cookies, Make Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, give away 5 toys to charity and chuck five toys away)
  • November 22nd – Decorate the tree, prepare for the Elves to arrive, make sure things were put away in there right place as the elves had away of hiding or collecting things left laying around.
  • November 29th – Write Christmas cards out, buy an advent calendar, Buy a plan white plate & Mug and some sharpies.
  • December 1st – Elf’s arrived on doorstep with a note from Santa, explaining who they each were names, ages, likes and dislikes. There was even a warning, the elf’s would behave how you did, for the 1st two weeks, the opposite to you last 2 weeks and you were to say good bye the night before Christmas Eve.
  • December 8th – Decorate Santa’s cookie plate and Hot chocolate mug.
  • December 13th – Fairy’s delivered 12 books to read each night on lead up to Christmas Eve.
  • December 20th – Go Christmas shopping for sweets and treats over Christmas, try and sneakily buy extra presents without kids finding out. Visit Santa’s cousin in a grotto, get a picture with him.
  • December 23rd – Pack up elf’s, write a note to Santa with comments on their behaviour, adding a p.s telling him that they really have to stop wrapping up the fridge and TV it’s annoying and would he mind not leaving crumbs on the sofa this year!
  • December 24th – Fairy’s have left Christmas eve boxes, a pair of socks, pair of pyjamas, book, chocolate bar and a new hair band set and toothbrush, and note telling them to get to bed as soon as possible and to not forget carrots for the reindeers.
  • December 25th – Christmas Day, Santa left one present each, usually the cheapest from their list and crumbs from his cookie fest night before, fairies & elf’s had filled the stockings each with a Terry’s chocolate orange at the very bottom. the rest were from me. Turkey dinner and lots of music…. oh and crackers!
  • December 26th – Boxing Day, usually seeing other family members and eating more food.

So that was a short list of how we do things, as i go thru my preparations for this year, feel free to ask me questions.

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