My opinion on Christmas in our house by Gracie (11)

In our house Christmas starts November 1st, I sat on the sofa with my brother Riley he puked all over me but I didn’t care. As one of the cats were between my legs and the other was beside me, my mum, my stepdad, and my sisters were getting the Christmas trees from the Attic.

(Did I mention we have 5 or 6 trees in our house!)

My Stepdad was ordering our Christmas Food shopping from Morrisons, can’t wait for it to get here, it looks delicious! We probably ordered way more than we can actually eat, but hey we will try.

Gracie Nora aged 11

The next day we had to go back to School and NONE of us kids were happy about it. I normally love school but I really wanted to prepare for Christmas more!

After our first week back at school had just ended, we decorated the trees, one was already done that was the kids tree in the dining room and the other was my favourite tree and that was in the living room, we always have had it decorated the same, champagne gold with white and glitter, it looked perfect that was the one we called mums tree!

Can you spot our cat Hunter?

The following weekend we made more decorations and hung some around the other rooms in the house and upstairs, we then decorated our own mini trees for our bedrooms! We hung some fairy lights in the conservatory and up the hall way, put snowflakes on the windows and got out the red throw overs and cushions. more lights on the doors and moved furniture around It was so fun! I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!

I always walk my brother Riley around the house when mums busy cooking and he wants attention boy does he love the lights…. And there were Lots of lights all over the house and ornaments it is awesome and as its Rileys first Christmas its sure to be greater than the others!

Our stepdad got our dog honey a new jumper and the cats new toys like a little battery mouse even thou he knows me and mummy hate mice SO much! Lol

I would say the worst thing about Christmas is the cleaning, We always clean! All year round, i feel we clean more than other children do, mum says its because we are messier than other children, but i do not agree with her, Especially as I’m the 2nd oldest and have to do more than the younger two, I still help though.

School was getting better because I was at the top of the class I normally come home saying how bad it was but this term has been great so far, I’ve actually wanted extra homework but only because I wanted to get everything done so that Christmas came quicker!

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