Weaning Riley…

So Riley is 4months old as of yesterday and seems to want to eat like us, every time we sit to eat in front of him he is mimicking our mouth movements and gives his hand/blankie or dummy a good suck lol

So we bought him a high chair I found this Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair – Alphabet Soup, while browsing Argos https://www.argos.co.uk/product/5828005

Under advice from health care professionals we are starting a slow baby led weaning month.. this week it is 3 – 8 tiny spoons of baby rice click the button below to see how to make it.

So far he loves playing with the spoon, but not sticking it in his mouth.

Riley grabbing the spoon out of daddy’s hand, the noise in background is my pumping milk lol

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