The Elves’ have Arrived…

December 11th, 2020

During Dinner last night, our dog Honey got to an Elf… it was not pretty and extremely hard to explain to a 5year old, we just explained that as Honey was a Hunan pet, the elf’s magic and soul disappeared when she grabbed him and that he was just a toy as he was mauled to death, but in kinder words.

So tonight, the elf’s sad they were sad, but knew he would be waiting for them to return to the new pole in his actual elf body. And for now, they would mourn their friend.

On the plus side, the girls learnt that not leave toys on the floor when we have a dog & I am now one elf down every night!

December 10th, 2020

The image that greeted the girls this morning left them confused lol . what had the Elves done?

It is naughty to play with the talcum powder, especially pouring it on the floor and each other, but it was nice to make a snowflake and to work as a team…

Truth be told, I was changing Riley’s bum at 1am when I realised, I had forgotten the elves’ again… ran downstairs grab elf’s, grabbed talc and just kind of winging it lol

 December 7th, 8th, 9th 2020

The elves left a note, that they were disappointed in the mess inside the girl’s bedrooms and Clothing drawers & would be on Elf strike until it was all tidy.

It happens to also be the week of Riley’s 2nd set of jabs & No sleep for mummy… Riley has been puking nonstop, check out the impressive pile of vomit covered clothing, bibs, towels, and muslins that was made within 3hours!

December 6th, 2020

Day 6 and Four of the cheeky elf’s were peeved at the girls for not drawing them pictures today because they were too busy playing Roblox and playing with slime so now the girls will get the blame for eating all my wotsits. Ha-ha the other three are being good as gold and have left 3 roll on deodorants and 3 antibacterial hand gel…which they obviously pinched from my Tesco’s shop!

December 5th, 2020

Last night was awkward, the middle two girls would not go to sleep lol, I had to wait till 1am to make my elf placements…

In my tired state, I managed to get them in an amazon box and three pairs of shoes. This morning I was overwhelmed with noise from the 3 girls, ‘mum, mum, the elves have stolen our shoes’ hahaha ‘but mum we cannot touch them now’ lol it was fun until Sophie asked how the elf’s got to my notepad? Erm…

December 4th, 2020

Day 4, Tonight they are on their best behaviour, all seven have took to a quiet night in the Christmas tree 

The girls ate all their dinner yay chicken and vegetable risotto, tidied up afterwards, got uniforms ready for school and went to bed without fuss! What can I say, I am impressed?

I feel bad that I have no energy to do anything more rewarding for the girls other than leave a note, saying how proud everyone was and to keep it up… it’s now 2:40am and I’ve just finished pumping for the 4th time today, tomorrow lunch I’ll upload an update on Riley’s first taste of something other than milk (Home-made rice purée) good night and sweet dreams. X

December 3rd, 2020

Day 3 and the Elves’ got annoying lol, a reflection of the girl’s behaviour maybe? Or that I almost went to bed before placing them…opps

So one got stuck in a box, two ate most of the sweet from the treat cupboard, one went for a play in the Lego pirate ship, and three were googling ‘Best Pranks to play on kids whilst they sleep’.

I don’t know if I can keep this up for another 3 weeks, 12hours and 50mins eek!
In between amazon parcels, breast feeding and housework, I really wish these elf’s were real, as I could do with a hand with the washing lol

So far, we have Peppermint, Lovey, Candy, Fred and Evil Bob… 2 more to be named…

December 2nd, 2020

So, after a day of discussion with my 5year old, I decided to let the girls name their own elves… erm I think peppermint and lovey are in there somewhere.

Will let you know tomorrow… we have also decided that this week the Elves’ will copy the Girls behaviour, which touch wood continues to be great.

The elves have chilled in Riley’s play gym in a bath of cotton balls and a packet of Jaffa Cakes.

December 1st, 2020

It was 6:30am and I was awoken by two overly excited children, The Elves have arrived and took their stepdad’s Star Wars Lego advent Calendar hostage, along with the pc room and the fridge.

No introduction, no warning and no awareness of mums need for tea in the morning…

The girls found a silver bag this evening when they got back from school, inside were three new elves’, the triplets… now that make seven of them just like our family!

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