The Elves’ have Arrived…

December 11th, 2020 During Dinner last night, our dog Honey got to an Elf… it was not pretty and extremely hard to explain to a 5year old, we just explained that as Honey was a Hunan pet, the elf’s magic and soul disappeared when she grabbed him and that he was just a toy as […]

Weaning Riley…

So Riley is 4months old as of yesterday and seems to want to eat like us, every time we sit to eat in front of him he is mimicking our mouth movements and gives his hand/blankie or dummy a good suck lol So we bought him a high chair I found this Joie Mimzy Snacker […]

Homemade Rice Cereal Recipe (4 months+)

To begin making the Homemade Rice Cereal, first wash the rice. Drain off the rice completely in a colander. Spread the rice on a clean white cloth. Leave it to air dry or fan dry for 30 to 50 minutes. Once the rice becomes completely dry, begin roasting the rice. To roast the rice, place […]

Christmas budgets, where do I start?

This Christmas we have a great budget, but where do I start? Food Treats Clothing Stockings Christmas Eve boxes Christmas cards Christmas decorations Alcohol Presents for Family Presents for Friends Presents for pets. So I’ve been using an app on my iPad to keep track of presents etc & booked the next 5 weeks online […]

My household has chicken pox…

So last week, Sophie (5) was feeling a bit off, not eating her lunch or dinner and was always soo tired even thou she had 10hrs sleep… Friday I decided to keep her off school as she had been awake for most of the night. She seemed to be getting worse, but there was no […]

And Riley makes 5!

14 weeks and 1 day ago we welcomed Riley into the world and our mad house and although we are all slightly worn out it has been the best thing of 2020. After 4 Girls people would always ask me if i was trying for a boy, truth be told, I always wanted a boy, […]

My opinion on Christmas in our house by Gracie (11)

In our house Christmas starts November 1st, I sat on the sofa with my brother Riley he puked all over me but I didn’t care. As one of the cats were between my legs and the other was beside me, my mum, my stepdad, and my sisters were getting the Christmas trees from the Attic. […]

Christmas 2020 Preparations..

I’m still writing this in Drafts, but check out the next blog from my daughter Gracie , she wanted to give her opinion on Christmas in our house and wrote a little something.

Christmas magic established 2015

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who grew up in a house without Birthdays, Easter, Halloween or even Christmas! Let’s not get things wrong here, She was a happy little girl and most of the time she didn’t miss the celebrations because she still got presents and more importantly she still got […]

Adventure Time Menu

A few weeks ago it was Alfie’s 39th Birthday, due to coronavirus we didn’t have our usual Halloweeen party but instead we went one better… Lego and Adventure Time Day – Yay! Alfies Birthday menu Breakfast – Bacon pancakes , smoked bacon, apricot jam & walnut butter. Lunch – Grilled cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup. […]


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